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Machine Tools Worm Milling Thread Turning Lathe Machine for Screws

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Machine Tools Worm Milling Thread Turning Lathe Machine for Screws

● Machine length limit of workpiece: 700-1200mm
● Clamping type:Three-jaw self-centering chuck manual control (optional hydraulic and pneumatic control)

Compared to other general thread machining methods, rotary milling has the following advantages:

1.High processing efficiency, which can be more than 10 times higher than the traditional processing efficiency;

2.Due to the molding process, the product is shaped by one knife, and the eccentric cutting does not need to retreat, with high precision;

3.The rotary milling transformed by the lathe does not change the structure of the lathe, the spiral lift angle is adjustable, easy to install; save the cost of investing in special equipment;

4.Surface roughness up to RaO. 8 microns and 2 levels of machining accuracy;

5.Slow axial feed of the lathe, easy to operate, the professional skills of workers can be reduced;

NO.ItemSpecific parameters
1Number of machine control axesA, C, X, Z axis four-axis triple linkage, A axis for (cyclone milling power) system frequency control
2Spindle clearance elimination deviceCNC control cylinder holding or loosening (or precision reducer directly connected)
3Spindle (C-axis) control typePosition / speed
4X/Z control typePosition control
5Clamping typeThree-jaw self-centering chuck manual control (optional hydraulic and pneumatic control)
6Chuck diameter320mm (12") (optional other sizes)
7Spindle center height245mm
8Spindle speed0 - 800r/min
9Maximum rotation diameter of the machine over the trailing plate480mm
10Max. short distance (not over the drag plate) of the machine800mm
11Machine length limit of workpiece1600mm
12Rotary axis accuracy≤2.5″
13Repeatable positioning accuracy of rotary axis≤5″
14Surface roughness≤Ra1.6
15Positioning accuracy of each linear axis≤0.015mm
16Repeatability of each linear axis≤0.03mm
17Machine system and drive motor manufacturer(Customized four-axis system for cyclone milling, optional Siemens and Frank systems)
18Spindle adopts motorServo spindle unit
19EncoderHigh-split gear encoder or built-in encoder
20Frequency converterDomestic well-known brands such as INVISION
21Component brandDomestic well-known brands such as Chint, Delixi, etc. (optional international well-known brands such as Siemens, etc.)
22Total power of the equipment22KW
23Machine tool light machine manufacturerDomestic well-known brands such as Yunnan Machine Tool Factory, Anyang Machine Tool Factory, etc.
24Machine tool screw selection manufacturersDomestic well-known brands such as Taiwan Shangyin, South Technology, Hanjiang, Jining Botte, etc.
25Tailstock control formOrdinary (optional system and foot pedal control in and out, system control locking, loosening the sleeve)
26Machine protectionDouble door semi-protection , system installation sliding door, equipped with external receiver wheel (optional full protection)
27Machine tool external dimensions4400x2000x2200
28Machine tool net weight (concept)4800KG

1.What are your normal lead times?

Normally, 30 to 60 days

2.What kind of package do you offer?

Standard wooden case packing

3.Do you have certification of your machine?

CE certificate

4.How about the warranty service?

24 months

5.How about the installation and commissioning?

we will enclose the production specification with the machine, and we could provide the video online to you, and our engineers are available to debug machinery overseas.

6.How to select the suitable machine?

Pls tell us the machine you need, Includes drawings,specifications and other requirements.

7.How to do it if we meet the issue during the operation?

We provide completely after sales service, and our engineers are available to service machinery overseas.

8.If we want to learn how to operate the machine, Can you provide it?

Yes, we have special service team which will offer you professional guidance.

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